How to Use Your Humana Healthy Food Card

If you’re a Humana member, you may be eligible for a Healthy Food Card. Here’s how to use it to get discounts on healthy food items at participating stores.

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The Humana Healthy Food Card is a tool that can help you and your family eat healthier. The card can be used at participating grocery stores to get discounts on healthy food items. This guide will show you how to use your card to get the most out of your grocery shopping trips.

To use your card, simply present it at the time of purchase. The cashier will scan the barcode on the back of the card and apply the appropriate discounts to your purchase. You can use your card as many times as you like, but each Discounted Item can only be purchased once per day.

Some tips to keep in mind when using your card:

-Plan ahead and make a list of items you need before heading to the store. This will help you stay on budget and make healthy choices.
-Compare prices between stores to get the best deals on healthy food items.
-Check nutrition labels and ingredient lists to make sure you are buying healthy items.
-Ask a store employee for help if you have any questions about using your card or finding healthy foods.

What is the Humana Healthy Food Card?

The Humana Healthy Food Card is a benefit that allows you to save money on fresh, nutritious food at participating retailers. This card can be used at select grocery stores, farmers markets, and other food retailers. With the Humana Healthy Food Card, you can save up to $50 per month on fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein, whole grains, and low-fat dairy products.

To get started, simply sign up for the Humana Healthy Food Card program and receive your card in the mail. Then, use your card when shopping at participating retailers. When purchasing eligible items, present your card at checkout and the discounts will be applied to your total purchase amount.

The Humana Healthy Food Card is a great way to save money on healthy food while also promoting wellness within your community. For more information about this program and how to sign up, please visit our website or contact us today.

How to Use the Card

The Humana Healthy Food card can be used at any grocery store that accepts credit or debit cards. Just swipe your card like you would any other credit or debit card. The amount of the purchase will be deducted from your balance.

You can check your balance by logging in to your online account or by calling customer service at 1-800-4HUMANA.

Tips for Using the Card

-The card can be used at any store that accepts credit cards.
-You can use the card to buy food for yourself or your family.
-The card can be used to buy food online.
-The card cannot be used to buy alcohol, tobacco, or non-food items.
-If you have questions about the card, call Humana Customer Service at 1-800-4humana.


We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about how to use your Humana Healthy Food Card. As a reminder, the card offers a 5% discount on healthy food purchases at participating stores, including grocery, drug, and mass merchandise stores. To find a participating store near you, please visit

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